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„There is no place like home! Why travel the world for service?“ Hundreds of thousands of service technicians, quality managers and know-how carriers ask their self this question every day. To massively reduce travel cost and to increase work productivity SHARE offers the solution to transform and digitize remote processes in the areas of maintenance, field service and quality.  
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SHARE connects experts and technicians around the globe by using mobile devices like smart glasses, tablets or smart phones. Our platform can be used for sharing repair or operating instructions. It manages your service cases, audits and maintenance tasks. On-site technicians can document everything with multimedia support. The global availability of the cloud platform SHARE enables knowledge management across locations. When having urgent problems, experts and technicians connect with realtime videochat and share the same point of view by using smart glasses. That way our customers have an efficient tool for collaborative problem solving. Multimedia instructions and Augmented Reality features allow fast worker guidance and training - without being on-site. SHARE does not only share your knowledge - it revolutionizes the remote collaboration of your company.
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Field Service & Maintenance
... ExpertiseShare your Expertise
Remote Servicing & Customer Contact
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Audits & Initial Sample Testing
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Training & Distributed Sites
Significantly reduce travel costs by managing service and maintenance cases virtual and remote. Simply click yourself into the desired scene.

SHARE offers your service technicians a platform for efficiently conduct and document service and maintenance cases. Make your checklists and manuals worldwide available. On tablets, smart phones and smart glasses. Access all relevant service information whenever you want and whereever you are. Important product data can be accessed by interfaces to your Product Data Management system or your Enterprise Resource Planning. If service technicians has a problem during a service case, he can immediately connect to one or more experts by 2-way videochats. After completion of tht case, technicians can document it by taking fotos, videos or adding text with his mobile device. The documented case is available worldwide within seconds. Other technicians can access the documentation and solve similar cases more efficient based on the provided documentation.
Service technicians
less travel costs
less process time during service
Free capacities and higher productivity
fast reaction times, mobile documentation
Worldwide availability of expert knowledge
Smart glasses to operate hands-free
Offer real time support for machines and equipment in the field. Be there in your customers' moment of need!

Your customer has an issue with your product? SHARE is a software platform that enables your customers to directly connect to you. Your customers can use mobile devices, scan a SHARE QR code attached to your product and connect directly you. SHARE identifies the product and directly calls the responsible expert that is assigned to the product. Your service technicians receives the videocall on his mobile device or on a desktop PC and can guide the customer through the problem solving process. In addition, SHAREE can automatically document the case on your demand. There is no faster way of solving problems!

In addition to realtime videochat functionalities SHARE enables you to provide your customers with all relevant product related data like manual, circuit plans or drawings. Based on intuitive step-by-step manuals (e.g., videos on a repair process from ego perspective) you support your customers and inspire them by a great user experience.
Service department
less travel costs
less down times of machines and equipment
efficient tools to support your customers
satisfied customers
integrated documentation
customer delight with innovative hardware like smart glasses
Audit products and processes virtually. Document everything with highest information density!

Do you regularly have different results on initial sample testing than your supplier? Does that lead to additional expenses? SHARE enables you to synchronise initial sample testing at your supplier and incoming goods inspection at your site. Suppliers use mobile devices like smart glasses to document initial sample tests and provide the results to your quality managers via SHARE. Based on that they can check the documentation and approve the samples for delivery. In case you want to conduct initial sample testing together, you can arrange an appointment with your supplier in SHARE and add all relevant persons. When your supplier wears smart glasses, you can create documentations during video chats, fill out checklists and support your supplier.

Do auditors of your customers regularly visit you to inspect progress and quality of their orders? Are you an auditor yourself and need to often travel to suppliers to conduct audits? Conduct your audits virtual and remote in the future. Share all relevant information like checklists and documents via SHARE. Arrange an appointment to remotely conduct the audit via SHARE. Use smart glasses to make auditors look through your eyes and present them products, related documents or process results. Spare your customer travel expenses and time to enable him to access audits worldwide with SHARE.
Quality Manager
Customers / Suppliers
less travel costs
more efficient support of customers of suppliers
Free capacities and higher productivity
standardised documentation
guided documentation
clarifying open points instantly
Train colleagues and help them ramp up things faster. Don't be physically around for any triviality!

Are you or your employees often traveling to distant sites to support a ramp up or to train employees? Distant production sites have unknown issues that are easy to solve for you? Use SHARE to connect, to solve problems and to train employees remote. Provide checklists and documents to distant sites, create and share manuals or use videochats on smart glasses to virtually be at a distant site.
Distributed locations
less travel costs
less lay and down times
Free capacities and higher productivity
documentation and training documents
worldwide management of knowledge
remote support in realtime
Agricultural Technology
Medical Technology
Machine Tools
Supported Hardware
SHARE enables experts being virtually around on the whole world. From webbrowsers on desktops or notebooks they look through the eyes of their colleagues and the following devices.
Weight: 110g
Price: on request
Google Glass
Weight: 42g
Price: on request
Epson Moverio BT-300
Weight: 69g
Price: on request
Weight: 175g
Price: on request
Microsoft Hololens
Weight: 550g
Price: on request
Tablets & Smartphones
individual weight & price
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